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8 Ways to Bond With Your Dog…and get rid of belly fat

Written By: admin - Oct• 03•11

This post shows you how to get rid of belly fat while you walk your dog. The curcuit is 20-30 minutes and requires only your body weight, no equipment – perfect to combine with a dog walk so you both get your exercise.

Have you ever seen a 17 year old Shar Pei? Well my pup Chico turns 17, the equivalent of 112 in human years, on October 20, 2011. According to the American Shar Pei Magazine, the oldest is 18 so we’re getting close to breaking records and making history.

Anyway, he’s as stoic and tough as ever but walks pretty slow these days. You can image what our 20 – 30 minute daily walks are like; we cover less than a block. So I turned a weakness into a strength and with a little help from Craig Ballantyne’s Crazy 8 Bodyweight Curcuit, we increased the man dog bonding and decreased the body fat.

Here’s what we do to get rid of belly fat:

First, find a safe leash free area. Then go through this circuit of 8 bonding exercises back to back with no rest, recover for one minute and then repeat for 3 total circuits.

    1 Entertain the dog – 60 Full Jumping Jacks done with a nice fast pace. You are beginning by elevating your heart rate and improving your shoulder mobility.

    2 See things from his perspective – Do 20 Spiderman Pushups – these are regular push-ups but as you go down your knee comes up to your elbow. tougher than expected when done with an elevated heart rate from the jumping jacks.

    3 Now both perspectives (yours then his) – 20 Walking Lunges in a straight line to get a nice stretch in the hip flexor region.

    4 Try Walking in His Shoes – Do 20 Spiderman Climbs: Starting in the push-up position bring your foot up beside your hand and then back – ten per side. Keeping your abs braced and your hips low is key to this core and flexibility builder.

    5 Lean on a Tree – Wall Squat for 60 seconds. Lean against a tree in the low position of a squat, thigh’s perpendicular to the ground. Hands hang loose, no help from resting them on your legs. This static hold really works your quads.

    6 Visit a Hydrant – 60 second Plank hold: Really tough the second and third time!

    7 Catch a Bird – 5 Burpees: After a full pushup explode as high as you can into the sky.

    8 Chase a Cat – 50 High Knees, 25 each side.

I guarantee that at the end of this walk your dog will be entertained and you will be exhausted. There is no better way to bond with your dog and get rid of belly fat.

Fat Burning Interval Training to Increase your Speed Running

Written By: admin - Sep• 30•11

It is possible to do your fat burning interval training and increase your speed running at the same time, but it requires a new approach compared to typical treadmill HIIT. When you perform intervals on cardio machines, you get great fat burning but you are not maximizing your functional strength gains. I plan on outlining a solution and better way to perform HIIT that delivers both fat burning and increases your running speed.

[The idea of this post is to give you a workout that helps you achieve additional goals beyond fat loss. Don't be put off by going to the track...this type of track training works extremely well and is a core part of any race training program.]

Treadmill Intervals are Great but you Aren’t Adding a Functional Skill
To learn how to run faster you need to get your body used to running faster at a variety of short distances. For example, you start by running 100m, then 400 m, then 4 X 400 and before you know it you run all 4 400’s in a row you have learned to run a fast mile. If you simply stick to the same interval routine forever, you will not gain any skill beyond running intervals on a treadmill. So the opportunity with HIIT is to leverage it to make you a faster functional runner as well.
We Need to Try a Different Approach to HIIT Using a Track.
Here is a HIIT workout that creates functional improvement in addition to fat burning. It is setup to where intensity will change based on the distance you run. I will outline the training first and after that I will explain the purpose. All you need is a local high school track …and maybe some caffeine to get you ready to go hard.
Track Training or Speed Running

Go to a local Track: The typical track is 400m and is perfect for training with a variety of distances. A mile is 1600m or 4 rounds, 800m is two rounds and 100m is a quarter length. These tracks provide endless variations in the distances you run.
Run 4 laps, 1 mile, as a warm up. You run a mile as warm up and a mile to cool down so you burn 200 calories just getting ready.
Do a combination of sprints that equals 2-3 miles. Here are some typical track workouts to use as reference:

    8 X 400
    6 X 800
    6 X 600
    4 X 1200

Recover between sprints but never give yourself more than 2 minutes.

Run 4 laps, 1 mile, as a cool down. Once you are done make a note of how you felt. If you struggle with 6-00’s, next time focus on 400’s

Start with Lower Distances and Work Your Way Up.
Start your conditioning with more steady state running for fat loss and just one HIIT day per week. You need to get your body used to running before adding too much intensity. Once you have some conditioning behind you your body will be prepared for faster running with stronger skeletal, connective, and muscle tissues. Now, your cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems are ready for faster training and can take intervals beyond 100m or 400m. As you stretch the distance beyond 400m you will become a more efficient fat burner because as well as increasing your running speed, you increase your lactate threshold. This is important because it means that you will be able to run faster while staying aerobic.

High intensity is your key to success
Track or anaerobic training makes your muscles feel fatigued. The point at which the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles causes fatigue and strain is called Lactate Threshold. Running at your Lactate Threshold means pushing yourself to the limit even when your muscles are sore and telling you to stop. But when you run at this level of intensity, the magic starts to happen when you benefit from increases in your level of beta endorphin in the blood, the “runner’s high”, and the catecholamines, such as dopamine, norepinepherine, and epinephrine, which stimulates GH secretion. High-intensity running results in higher peaks in gh release which helps you burn more fat after your workout is finished.

But there is an even more important benefit from pushing through the pain to increase your lactate threshold…

The #1 benefit of Track Training is that in makes Your Steady State more Efficient
Fast running will increase your lactate threshold. What this means is that at higher speeds you will remain just below the level where you start to accumulate lactic acid, your anaerobic threshold (AT). This is important because, with higher AT you can cover a longer distance in the same amount of time while staying aerobic. You have developed a highly efficient fat burning machine and increased your speed running.

Beginning Running for Fast Weight Loss

Written By: admin - Sep• 30•11

Beginning running for fast weight loss can be intimidating. There are a number of types of runs ranging from slow long runs, fast intervals, tempos, you name it…even fartlek. The challenge is to find simplicity where there is clutter and a running schedule will do just that for you.

By following a simple running plan you know exactly what you get in the end (e.g. able to run a half marathon in 9 weeks), you know how far you need to run each day, and most important you will know your total miles for the week and therefor the total calories you have been able to accumulate against your weekly calories deficit. Simple, easy.

4 Running Workouts to Lose Weight

Written By: admin - Sep• 29•11

4 Running Workouts to Lose Weight, each with a different result.  Before you decide on your running workout, I recommend you think deeply about the role of the workout in your plan to use running to lose weight.  Short 30 second intervals are the most efficient, steady state is the most effective for overal fat burning, tempo helps you burn even more during your steady state, and longer intervals allow you to run tempo.  Sounds confusing but in this post I aim to make it simple.

The Benefits of Steady State Jogging

Written By: admin - Sep• 28•11



Running for Weight Loss

Written By: admin - Sep• 27•11

Running for weight loss is the most effective way to add a significant calorie deficit to your plan and see fast, predictable results. You will hear that high intensity training is the most efficient, and it is, but to lose a significant amount of weight and to do it quickly, steady state cardio can’t be beat.


Can You Lose Weight Fast with a Fitness Model Workout Routine?

Written By: admin - Sep• 26•11

If you ask Nicole Moneer, a PRO fitness competitor and fitness model, which fitness model workout routine is best for losing weight fast, her answer may surprise you. Her secret weapon, the technique that has helped her rank top 5 nationally and top 10 internationally, is very different than most workouts, and she is getting very different results than most people. Her secret is giant sets.

Can you Lose Weight Fast with a Fitness Model Workout Routine?

Today, I’d like to look at a fitness model style workout routine for losing weight, compared to one more focused on cardio.  Fitness Models have extremely low body fat so it’s safe to assume that their fat burning workout routine is the best way to torch fat, but if you do you will be surprised.

Nicole Moneer, Fitness Competitor and Model, explains “A lot of times 20-30 minutes is all I have, I train smarter not harder… Giant sets of arms or shoulders, my 2 favorite muscle groups to hit and I love burning them out with giants.”

Steady State Cardio VS Fitness Model Workout Routine

This method, called giant sets, works equally well delivering the fitness model need to not only burn fat but also preserve and increase muscle definition.  The main difference is where your body is sourcing it’s fuel.  The fitness model workout routine uses weights so it is anaerobic meaning it uses muscle glycogen for fuel.  The intensity results in an increased metabolism well beyond the workout which delivers additional fat burning (or actually reduced fat storage).  If you use steady state cardio your body uses the aerobic pathway for fuel (air to release and burn stored fat for fuel) and instantly reduces stored body fat.  Many argue that the fitness model routine is more efficient because the intensity level results in more calories burned per minute.  This is true but muscles quickly deplete, fatigue and calorie burning is quickly capped.  Steady state does not opt for muscle glycogen, instead relying on your almost endless supply of fat.  This means you can go longer before you get tired and ultimately burn significantly more calories.

4 Sets of 12 Reps [In rotation with No Rest Between]

Multiple sets of high intensity reps are a great way to stimulate your muscle more than your typical “set rest set” routine and significantly elevate your metabolic-rate.

  • Pick a weight you can lift for roughly 8-12 reps.
  • Perform the each set with maximum intensity possibly failure.
  • Finish each 12 rep set exhausted and then move directly to the next set.  Prioritize not resting over completing four sets.
  • Aim to be almost finished at the end of the rotation. Two minutes to recover before the next giant set, three giant sets per body part.


Longer fat burning

The key fat burning benefit of this style of resistance training is elevated metabolism which means you burn body fat at a faster rate, even after the exercise when you are at rest.  To ensure fat loss, you actually have to ensure giant sets are anaerobic.  It’s not about high rep pumps trying to get aerobic; your sets have to be tough and heavy.  To achieve this extended fat burning you have to prioritize intensity over completing the giant set.

Efficient fat Burring

Another benefit of the giant set combination of muscle building and fat loss is that the torture ends relatively quickly, typically 20 to 45 minutes. These workouts are anaerobic, because they use muscle glycogen for energy not air to burn fat, you can only last about 20 minutes before your muscles become tired.  You should finish your 20 minutes on the ground sweating, gasping for air barely able to stand let alone perform any additional reps.  In just 20 minutes you have completed a very effective workout and set up your body for prolonged fat burning.

Great for Creating Strength and Muscular Definition

Perform each set using heavy weight and low reps which creates tight, hard muscles that are defined not bulky.  To really sculpt your body, focus on your weak points.  Add sets to any muscle you want to enhance.  For example if you are doing 4 sets per muscle part but you want to add more definition to your shoulders, add two more for six sets of bicep exercises.

The Problem – Resistance Training does not create a Significant Calorie Deficit

Because weight training is anaerobic, you are using muscle glycogen not fat for fuel.  As a result, your muscles tire when glycogen runs out and you must stop.  Even with the after burn impact you still are not able to burn as many calories as you can with aerobic activity.  You can run six miles in the morning and six at night if need be which will result in 1200 calories per day deficit.  Imagine how much weight lifting you would have to do to burn 1200 calories.  Another issue, you are not directly burning fat for fuel, steady state is more efficient and should be your choice if you need to burn stored fat.

Not Something I’d Recommend at the Beginning of Your Weight Loss Journey

Think of this mainly as a tool to use when you want to take off that final, stubborn layer of fat to reveal your amazing muscle definition.  When you approach single digit body fat and you can’t seem to get through the plateau, this is the exact type of approach that will provide the needed stimulus and help you break through. . My recommendation if you need to lose more than a small layer of fat is to leverage steady state cardio and save this fitness model workout routine for your last phase.

Weight Loss Blog

Written By: admin - Sep• 19•11

There are plenty of weight loss blogs – but this one is different. Rather than telling you what to do, because you likely already know the fundamentals, the blog is about sharing insights that reveal the how and what is new so that you can take your results to the next level. It’s about helping you get to your results faster.

I have been an industry insider so I understand how to quickly transform bodies to become leaner, more muscular, even faster. I will share the latest techniques to win along with thought models to make analyzing your options easier and faster. You would be surprised, even people who have a great depth of nutritional knowledge often find themselves in a place where they need to lose weight fast. But the reason why many struggle may be a surprise to you.

Let’s take a quick look at a typical scenario. People get busy. Things are great and then one day they feel that their body fat is higher than it should be. Not a big deal, easy to fix. So they they kick things up a bit – start eating better, working out consistently three times a week. But the weight does not come off fast – they still do not look or feel like someone who eats better and works out regularly. What’s the problem – what is the gap that needs to be solved?

So they are not getting the results they should be getting. Taking action but not seeing results. This gap between the action they are taking and the weight loss results they want is important. The reason that there is this gap is because their response to the challenge was improvisational. They are trying a few things that they used to do and likely a few things they have learned lately. This improvisational approach is commendable, but it’s the problem. .

To lose weight fast move from making up your weight loss plan as you go, to being strategic and disciplined. When you need to lose weight fast, an improvisational response is not good enough. Like the leader of an army unit, you must have a strategic plan to quickly win with certainty. It’s all about a few calculated moves that make a big difference. Be clear about your objective to lose weight fast, determine where to aim, take a few calculated shots, and win. Easy, less time, and you can move on to more enjoyable things.

The posts on this weight loss blog will help you use gap analysis to understand where you can make small changes to receive large results.

Celebrity Fitness and Diets

Written By: admin - Sep• 19•11

Celebrity fitness and diets are a great place to look when you want to lose weight fast.

Rryan Reynolds had the benefit of a celebrity trainer to help him both burn fat and become extremely defined.

Christian Bale was able to lose an enormous amount of fat for The Machinist and gain an enormous amount of muscle for Batman. We can learn from his experience in both.

Fifty cent used a liquid diet and walking to cut weight.

Beyonce used the Master Cleanse.

Jessica Biel has sculpted buns of steel with intervals and lunges.

Rhianna has created and then insured her amazing legs for $1mm.

Each story of celebrity fitness and diets helps us learn the latest techniques so we can lose weight faster.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Supplements

Written By: admin - Sep• 19•11

You have some great options if you are interested in how to lose weight fast with supplements.

In natural fat burning our body responds to different hormone levels by either storing or burning fat. By supplementing, we can help nudge the body back into situations where it can operate at maximum fat burning. Some nutrients in the right combinations result the release of fat burning hormones resulting in increased fat loss. We are restored to sustainable health by regaining a healthy body composition.

Not all supplements are created equally. Some have specific roles that make them more effective in strengthening your fat burning ability reducing the storage of fat. Although there are an almost endless amount of nutrients and antioxidants available, there are a few that are top of the list and that work synergistically. These new supplements work beyond the vitamins of past generations with combinations of effective antioxidants that targets key parts of the cells, such as the mitochondria to increase energy from an increase in fuel from fat.

Think of it this way: in simple math, combinations are additive: one plus one obviously equals two. But when you combine the new fat burning supplements in combinations that work together synergistically, the advanced math results can be exponential: one plus one can equal five or even ten! You don’t merely add up the benefits of each supplement in sequential fashion their different results can role up to a massive benefit. Instead, these synergistic effects mean that an explosive combination of nutrients can have an exciting , positive impact on one’s well-being and even on life itself. Image more fat released for fuel, more energy to exercise, more glycogen burned.

You can find all of these supplements from special companies or even at your local grocery or health food store.