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Can You Lose Weight Fast with a Fitness Model Workout Routine?

Written By: admin - Sep• 26•11

If you ask Nicole Moneer, a PRO fitness competitor and fitness model, which fitness model workout routine is best for losing weight fast, her answer may surprise you. Her secret weapon, the technique that has helped her rank top 5 nationally and top 10 internationally, is very different than most workouts, and she is getting very different results than most people. Her secret is giant sets.

Can you Lose Weight Fast with a Fitness Model Workout Routine?

Today, I’d like to look at a fitness model style workout routine for losing weight, compared to one more focused on cardio.  Fitness Models have extremely low body fat so it’s safe to assume that their fat burning workout routine is the best way to torch fat, but if you do you will be surprised.

Nicole Moneer, Fitness Competitor and Model, explains “A lot of times 20-30 minutes is all I have, I train smarter not harder… Giant sets of arms or shoulders, my 2 favorite muscle groups to hit and I love burning them out with giants.”

Steady State Cardio VS Fitness Model Workout Routine

This method, called giant sets, works equally well delivering the fitness model need to not only burn fat but also preserve and increase muscle definition.  The main difference is where your body is sourcing it’s fuel.  The fitness model workout routine uses weights so it is anaerobic meaning it uses muscle glycogen for fuel.  The intensity results in an increased metabolism well beyond the workout which delivers additional fat burning (or actually reduced fat storage).  If you use steady state cardio your body uses the aerobic pathway for fuel (air to release and burn stored fat for fuel) and instantly reduces stored body fat.  Many argue that the fitness model routine is more efficient because the intensity level results in more calories burned per minute.  This is true but muscles quickly deplete, fatigue and calorie burning is quickly capped.  Steady state does not opt for muscle glycogen, instead relying on your almost endless supply of fat.  This means you can go longer before you get tired and ultimately burn significantly more calories.

4 Sets of 12 Reps [In rotation with No Rest Between]

Multiple sets of high intensity reps are a great way to stimulate your muscle more than your typical “set rest set” routine and significantly elevate your metabolic-rate.

  • Pick a weight you can lift for roughly 8-12 reps.
  • Perform the each set with maximum intensity possibly failure.
  • Finish each 12 rep set exhausted and then move directly to the next set.  Prioritize not resting over completing four sets.
  • Aim to be almost finished at the end of the rotation. Two minutes to recover before the next giant set, three giant sets per body part.


Longer fat burning

The key fat burning benefit of this style of resistance training is elevated metabolism which means you burn body fat at a faster rate, even after the exercise when you are at rest.  To ensure fat loss, you actually have to ensure giant sets are anaerobic.  It’s not about high rep pumps trying to get aerobic; your sets have to be tough and heavy.  To achieve this extended fat burning you have to prioritize intensity over completing the giant set.

Efficient fat Burring

Another benefit of the giant set combination of muscle building and fat loss is that the torture ends relatively quickly, typically 20 to 45 minutes. These workouts are anaerobic, because they use muscle glycogen for energy not air to burn fat, you can only last about 20 minutes before your muscles become tired.  You should finish your 20 minutes on the ground sweating, gasping for air barely able to stand let alone perform any additional reps.  In just 20 minutes you have completed a very effective workout and set up your body for prolonged fat burning.

Great for Creating Strength and Muscular Definition

Perform each set using heavy weight and low reps which creates tight, hard muscles that are defined not bulky.  To really sculpt your body, focus on your weak points.  Add sets to any muscle you want to enhance.  For example if you are doing 4 sets per muscle part but you want to add more definition to your shoulders, add two more for six sets of bicep exercises.

The Problem – Resistance Training does not create a Significant Calorie Deficit

Because weight training is anaerobic, you are using muscle glycogen not fat for fuel.  As a result, your muscles tire when glycogen runs out and you must stop.  Even with the after burn impact you still are not able to burn as many calories as you can with aerobic activity.  You can run six miles in the morning and six at night if need be which will result in 1200 calories per day deficit.  Imagine how much weight lifting you would have to do to burn 1200 calories.  Another issue, you are not directly burning fat for fuel, steady state is more efficient and should be your choice if you need to burn stored fat.

Not Something I’d Recommend at the Beginning of Your Weight Loss Journey

Think of this mainly as a tool to use when you want to take off that final, stubborn layer of fat to reveal your amazing muscle definition.  When you approach single digit body fat and you can’t seem to get through the plateau, this is the exact type of approach that will provide the needed stimulus and help you break through. . My recommendation if you need to lose more than a small layer of fat is to leverage steady state cardio and save this fitness model workout routine for your last phase.

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