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How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise

Written By: admin - Sep• 16•11

If you want to lose weight quickly with exercise, you are likely looking for the exercise that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You want to discover the change to your current program that will result in fat loss that you see occurring rapidly. No problem, we can deliver your solution.

I always start by asking your appetite for innovation.

If the exercise solution was like a new product you were going to buy would it be familiar but better, like a new, better flavor of your favorite food? Something that you can quickly and seamlessly add to your current program and see results without sacrificing what you already have? Do you want a line extension type of innovation?

Or would it be more disruptive, combining a few things you like into something even better? For example you like cold beverages and you like fruit so a smoothie is your kind of innovation. Different from what you are used to but you are willing to work it in. Another example is debit cards. You have a bank card, you have a credit card, what about a debit card that delivered both benefits in one? Do you want a more evolutionary type of innovation?

Or finally, do you want something completely revolutionary. Think IPOD – something that replaces your phone and replaces your walkman and changes the way you view media. Do you want a revolutionary idea?

Some people think that revolutionary ideas are always the right answer because they are the most disruptive. Being disruptive can also make them the least favorable option depending on what you really need.

    No interruption – if you want to get into better shape without leaving your house discover a metabolic workout that requires nothing but your bodyweight.
    Close in – if you are happy with your body and want to preserve your hard earned lean muscle while torching some body fat discover a low rep heavier weight fitness model workout routine.
    Mid-range – if you are lean and want to get ultra lean discover a Hollywood style workout of HIIT intervals finished with some steady state.
    Further out – if you have a higher level of body fat and are willing to do whatever it takes to get closer to single digit body fat discover a body transformation workout of steady state cardio with an aggressive heart rate target and progressive distance plan guaranteed to transport you from flab to fab.

It’s time to go deeper into your solution to lose weight quickly with exercise – enjoy the ride!

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