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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Written By: admin - Sep• 15•11

Many disciplined moderators who understand how to lose weight fast without exercise find simplicity where others see clutter and chaos. Simple techniques to reduce calorie load and blunt insulin response can make exercise unnecessary.

Plan longer term first – plan for a weekly calorie deficit over a longer period of time.
Your goal is to maintain a calorie deficit over a longer period of time to lose weight. Day to day weight loss is less important.

Manage closer in – focus on daily or 3 day periods.
Track everything you do to meet your goals (food you eat, exercise, etc) to create a feedbacl loop. You will quickly see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Eat the same food every day with one day off to be more adventurous

Anyone who does a lot of analysis will tell you that the more variables you incorporate into your solution, the more room for error you build in. Each new variable brings with it assumptions etc that build in more and more inaccuracies.

This concept applies to weight loss as well.

Each time you eat a different type of food you add different calorie levels, different macro and micro nutrient profiles. To increase speed to success, first define your resting metabolic rate then plan 1 day of food. Test it over three days to ensure you can lose 1 pound of fat. Tweak it and retest until it works. Then only eat the exact same meals. This will guarantee you get the results you plan for.

Assign one day per week for adventurous eating
Some call this their cheat day, but it really isn’t. If you cheat too much you will kill your progress. It’s just one day that you and your social circle recognize as the day to go off plan. It helps you stay on plan all of the others. The reason it works is that mentally, it makes it easier to stick to your plan if you know you have a break from it just around the corner.

No Food for 4 hours between meals
Your hormones go through a 4 hour cycle when you eat a meal and if you interrupt the cycle with more food you end up storing more fat and burning less.

Plan an intermittent fast one or two times per week
How? Simply eat a regular dinner, and then have no food until dinner the next day. It’s easier than it sounds as you are just skipping breakfast and lunch one day. The 24 hour fast detoxes the body , increases natural HGH production, but more importantly, reduces your weekly calorie load by 2 meals which ensures you will be successful.

These intermittent fasts get really easy and I highly recommend them. The most fat burning occurs in hours 18-24 but they are also the hardest to hold off. You may need to have an early dinner but just ensure it is the same as your regular dinners from your meal plan.

Make your meals low GI to reduce the insulin spike
Your objective is to increase your insulin tolerance and get to fat burning sooner. You can low the GI impact of the food by eating protein and complex carbs as well as by eating cinnamon before the meal.

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