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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Written By: admin - Sep• 19•11

This post demonstrates how to lose belly fat fast to reveal a set of super-shredded abs. The abdominal wall is a complicated group of muscles and the fat that covers it is usually last to go so you need to be patient and focused.

Even those who have mastered the art of muscle growth know that if you don’t have shredded abs, you’re never going to get noticed. And if you don’t have the latest science on your side, you’ll never earn the abs you want.

First it is good to understand the different parts of this muscle group. Then you have to stimulate those muscles to develop. But most importantly, you need to burn away fat that will cover their attention-grabbing condition. Follow the tricks in the next few paragraphs and learn how you can burn fat.

Abs workout Routine
This program will add shredded muscle directly onto your abs. This way you’ll develop a complete six-pack.

Hanging Leg Raises
Stimulate Rectus Abdominis
3 Sets of 16-20 reps
While hanging from an overhead bar, lift your knees into your chest without curling your hips.

Oblique Twists
Stimulate the External Obliques
4 sets of 25-30 reps
While seated on a Swiss Ball, hold a long bar across your shoulders and twist your body 90 degrees to your left and right.

Rope Crunches
Stimulate the Serratus Anterior
4 sets of 20-25 reps
Use both hands to grab a rope attached to a high pully cable. Kneel two feet away from the cable. Kneel two feet away from the cable machine, and use a crunching motion to pull the weight to the floor.

But if you thought that was it, you’re wrong! The real secret to shredded abs is burning off the fat that covers them and here is an internal that will do just the trick.

The Kettle Bell Swing
Thee kettlebell swing is great for fat loss and can be done as steady state cardio or as one interval in a fat burning circuit. Besides fat loss, The swing is one of the most effective exercises to train your posterior chain – the back of the legs.
Here’s how to do it:

    Use a hook type grip – instead of grabbing the bell tight, rest the handle loose in the hook of your fingers.
    Swing the bell close to your groin on the way down with your arms gliding close to your ribcage with forearms close to your thigh.
    Less squatting and more like sitting in a chair, try to push your butt way back, like closing a car door with your butt. Notice the full ham and glute stretch, you will really feel them the next day! No need to worry if they feel too tight, it is fine and can even be a good thing. Use the tightness in your glutes and legs to recoil forward.
    Tighten your abs throughout the movement, especially at the top of the swing.
    Thrust your hips forward. You are trying to make the kettlebell go forward, the centripetal force swing the bell up for you.

In summary, your objective is to deliver a crisp and powerful swing, the knee bending is a seconday part of the movement, not the focus.

Steady State kettle bell swings
Put on a heart rate monitor and grab a ligher kettle bell than you would normally use. Plan for high volume of reps like 3 sets of 30 reps or 100 reps in as little time as possible with your heart rate around 70% of max. With a nice cadence you will huff and puff and sweat like mad as you torch calories and build great set of abs and posterior chain (calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower and mid back).

After reading about how to lose belly fat fast, it is time to get started.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight Fast

Written By: admin - Sep• 18•11

Have you ever asked yourself how to lose weight fast? You need to maintain a daily calorie deficit of approximately 500 to lose one pound per week, 1000 per day to lose 1.9 pounds per week, 1500 per day to lose 2.9 pounds per week or 2000 if you want to lose 3.9 pounds per week.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise
Without exercise, by maintaining a 500 calorie deficit you will lose about 1.3 pounds per week. Now you will see why so many people give up on weight loss without exercise. Imagine four months of discipline, losing approximately 1.3 pounds per week, to lose 20 pounds. And that is with no setbacks.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise
Losing weight fast with exercise is also about increasing your calorie deficit, this time by increasing the number of calories you burn each day beyond your rmr. Adding an hour of cardio each day will increase your calorie deficit another 500 calories per day. You can get your weekly deficit over 10,000 calories and lose about 3 pounds a week. Instead of 1.9 pounds per week you are losing 2.9 pounds per week, another 67% increase in the speed you are losing weight by adding exercise. You can add advanced techniques like heart rate training to encourage your body to adapt and prefer burning fat over carbs and even to naturally increase human growth hormone.

Understanding how many calories to lose weight fast is just the beginning, keep reading to learn how to make it easier.

How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Written By: admin - Sep• 18•11

I recommend using psychology to create an advantage understanding how to lose weight fast naturally.

Create Urgency
Get Started by Setting a Big Goal with a Specific Date. We do better when we have urgency and a fast approaching date helps create this. Take a photo of yourself to better understand yoiur current position it ius usually worse than you thought. Now get started!

Create Consequences
Make a public commitement or join a contest to make it more interesting. What will you lose if you don’t stick with your plan and hit your goal?

Create a Feedback Loop
Use a log to detail everything you eat and all your exercise. The awareness of what you are doing and the effect it is having on you will make a huge difference. Manage and measure everything, winners keep score.

Be authentic
Understand what you want to become, what is required to get there, and then behaive consistently with your vision. Be authenit, do what would be expected of your future self to get you there faster.

Unleash Your Potential and understand how to lose weight fast naturally.

How To Lose Weight Fast at Home

Written By: admin - Sep• 18•11

There are different approaches for how to lose weight fast at home depending on your exercise approach. For fat burning at home, people are generally either on the steady state cardio side or the high intensity interval side. I believe both are very effective but will focus this post on intervals.

This post is for you if you believe that although running is great fantastic for burning calories, too much of it breaks down your lean muscles.

This post is for you if you like full out exercise where you can challenge yourself for about 20 minutes.

This post is for you if you want to torch fat but not give up your lean muscles. If you believe the best approach is to deliver your body an intensive and consistent interval exercise routine.

Strategy for Losing Weight Fast at Home
Which comes first, the hot body or the advanced skill? For intervals the strategy is to let form follow function. You start by developing the skills to finish short but difficult workouts. Instead of sculpting your body with endless crunches or bicep curls, you leverage circuits to create the basics of fitness such as power, strength, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility. With the skills, what follows is a great appearance from the right proportions of muscle and fat.

These principles work because the work you do creates a significant amount of demand on the body. To cope with this demand, your body will make the necessary adaptations by changing your body composition. You will experience increased muscle tone and reduced body fat.

What to do at home to lose weight fast

At home you can use short intense intervals. These fast and intense workouts between 15 – 30 minutes are made up of a set of intervals each about five exercises back to back. The purpose of the fast intervals is to engage multiple muscles at once in short intense intervals. These compound movements are tough but will get you the sexy best body you want by burning fat and adding lean muscle.

Get Better with Progression
To develop your skills, make the objective your circuits to increase your time or intensity. Your benefit from getting faster and stronger is a great body and energized life.

Circuits will help you see how to lose weight fast at home and can be very enjoyable.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise

Written By: admin - Sep• 16•11

If you want to lose weight quickly with exercise, you are likely looking for the exercise that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You want to discover the change to your current program that will result in fat loss that you see occurring rapidly. No problem, we can deliver your solution.

I always start by asking your appetite for innovation.

If the exercise solution was like a new product you were going to buy would it be familiar but better, like a new, better flavor of your favorite food? Something that you can quickly and seamlessly add to your current program and see results without sacrificing what you already have? Do you want a line extension type of innovation?

Or would it be more disruptive, combining a few things you like into something even better? For example you like cold beverages and you like fruit so a smoothie is your kind of innovation. Different from what you are used to but you are willing to work it in. Another example is debit cards. You have a bank card, you have a credit card, what about a debit card that delivered both benefits in one? Do you want a more evolutionary type of innovation?

Or finally, do you want something completely revolutionary. Think IPOD – something that replaces your phone and replaces your walkman and changes the way you view media. Do you want a revolutionary idea?

Some people think that revolutionary ideas are always the right answer because they are the most disruptive. Being disruptive can also make them the least favorable option depending on what you really need.

    No interruption – if you want to get into better shape without leaving your house discover a metabolic workout that requires nothing but your bodyweight.
    Close in – if you are happy with your body and want to preserve your hard earned lean muscle while torching some body fat discover a low rep heavier weight fitness model workout routine.
    Mid-range – if you are lean and want to get ultra lean discover a Hollywood style workout of HIIT intervals finished with some steady state.
    Further out – if you have a higher level of body fat and are willing to do whatever it takes to get closer to single digit body fat discover a body transformation workout of steady state cardio with an aggressive heart rate target and progressive distance plan guaranteed to transport you from flab to fab.

It’s time to go deeper into your solution to lose weight quickly with exercise – enjoy the ride!

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Written By: admin - Sep• 15•11

Many disciplined moderators who understand how to lose weight fast without exercise find simplicity where others see clutter and chaos. Simple techniques to reduce calorie load and blunt insulin response can make exercise unnecessary.

Plan longer term first – plan for a weekly calorie deficit over a longer period of time.
Your goal is to maintain a calorie deficit over a longer period of time to lose weight. Day to day weight loss is less important.

Manage closer in – focus on daily or 3 day periods.
Track everything you do to meet your goals (food you eat, exercise, etc) to create a feedbacl loop. You will quickly see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Eat the same food every day with one day off to be more adventurous

Anyone who does a lot of analysis will tell you that the more variables you incorporate into your solution, the more room for error you build in. Each new variable brings with it assumptions etc that build in more and more inaccuracies.

This concept applies to weight loss as well.

Each time you eat a different type of food you add different calorie levels, different macro and micro nutrient profiles. To increase speed to success, first define your resting metabolic rate then plan 1 day of food. Test it over three days to ensure you can lose 1 pound of fat. Tweak it and retest until it works. Then only eat the exact same meals. This will guarantee you get the results you plan for.

Assign one day per week for adventurous eating
Some call this their cheat day, but it really isn’t. If you cheat too much you will kill your progress. It’s just one day that you and your social circle recognize as the day to go off plan. It helps you stay on plan all of the others. The reason it works is that mentally, it makes it easier to stick to your plan if you know you have a break from it just around the corner.

No Food for 4 hours between meals
Your hormones go through a 4 hour cycle when you eat a meal and if you interrupt the cycle with more food you end up storing more fat and burning less.

Plan an intermittent fast one or two times per week
How? Simply eat a regular dinner, and then have no food until dinner the next day. It’s easier than it sounds as you are just skipping breakfast and lunch one day. The 24 hour fast detoxes the body , increases natural HGH production, but more importantly, reduces your weekly calorie load by 2 meals which ensures you will be successful.

These intermittent fasts get really easy and I highly recommend them. The most fat burning occurs in hours 18-24 but they are also the hardest to hold off. You may need to have an early dinner but just ensure it is the same as your regular dinners from your meal plan.

Make your meals low GI to reduce the insulin spike
Your objective is to increase your insulin tolerance and get to fat burning sooner. You can low the GI impact of the food by eating protein and complex carbs as well as by eating cinnamon before the meal.

Tips on How To Lose Weight Fast

Written By: admin - Sep• 14•11

This post provides a few tips on how to lose weight fast.

How many Calories to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Create a weekly calorie deficit
Plan for a longer period of time like one week or even 12 weeks.
Manage closer in – focus on daily or 3 day periods.

Be a disciplined eater
Eat the same food every day with one day off to be more adventurous
Assign one day per week for adventurous eating
No Food for 4 hours between meals
Use Intermittent fasts to create a cushion
Make your meals low GI to reduce the insulin spike
Your objective is to increase your insulin tolerance and get to fat burning sooner. You can low the GI impact of the food by eating protein and complex carbs as well as by eating cinnamon before the meal.

I’ll keep adding new tips on how to lose weight fast as the weeks progress.

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally
How to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise
How to Lose Weight Fast with Supplements
How to Lose Belly Fat Fast
Celebrity Fitness and Diets

How To Lose Weight Fast

Written By: admin - Aug• 28•11

This weight loss blog will help you discover advanced techniques on how to lose weight fast. Simple techniques like gap analysis reveal where small changes result in extraordinary results.

Weight Loss Blog
Have you tried to lose weight with mixed results? Great success for a bit and then your body gets itself right back to a weight you thought was part of your past? The problem is more likely than not an improvisational approach. What this means is that people generally turn to what they know when trying to solve a problem. For example you may decide to burn fat and start doing things that you used to do like eating less and exercising more. It’s a good start but will not lead to rapid and exciting results. With the tips from this weight loss blog and some thinking on your own, you can move beyond the improvisational approach to taking a more strategic and disciplined approach.

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally
Of course losing weight naturally is the best way. I have seen people in weight loss contests lose over 20 pounds in 16 weeks motivated by pride and the chance to win something in the end. Without this external motivation though, the weight loss takes so long that most people struggle to stick with their plan.

Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast
This weight loss blog provides tips on how to lose weight fast without exercise, with exercise, at home, and with supplements. There are even tips from celebrities on how they were able to lose belly fat fast.

How many Calories to Lose Weight Fast
You will need a deficit of 500 calories per day for 1 lb of weight loss each week, 1000 for two, 1500 for three, and 2000 for four.

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise
Focusing on diet is the first and best approach to losing weight and you can get to almost 2 pounds per week, but it is very difficult to lose weight any faster with diet alone. Even if you ate nothing, based on your RMR, the maximum you will be able to lose is about a half pound per day or 3.5 pounds per week. But this is obviously not something you would be able to do longer than a few days. You can lose weight faster if you choose to add exercise to your plan.

How to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise
At this point, with diet and exercise, fatigue is likely your limiting factor. When you are restricting calories and exercising daily you will find it hard to add any additional effort. When you are tired, you lose some of your drive. Supplements can help you advance to even faster weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Supplements
By using supplements you can recover faster so that you are not as tired. They can also give you more energy so you can have the energy to increase intensity or duration of exercise and burn even more calories each day. Some supplements even play a role in fat burning helping your body to become more efficient.

Some combinations of supplements are clinically proven to increase your metabolism by 4% which translates to about 73 calories per day. This is a lot when you are fighting for every calorie. And with more energy you can add an additional 400 calories by putting in an additional cardio session. This takes you up to a weekly deficit of 14,000 or about 4 pounds per week. Four pounds a week is fast!

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast
Your belly is often the last area to lose fat. So, I recommend a rapid weight loss program to get yourself down to single digit body fat. At this level, your belly is gone!

For more tips on how to lose weight fast you can also look to celebrities to learn how they are able to lose weight fast for upcoming movie roles.

Celebrity Fitness and Diets
Matt Damon was able to lose an average of 2.8 pounds per week by restricting his calories and adding two cardo sessions per day. He used the techniques describes in this weight loss blog and lost over 45 pounds.

To wrap up, this post just scratched the surface, please look through the various articles to discover how to lose weight fast.