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Written By: admin - Sep• 19•11

There are plenty of weight loss blogs – but this one is different. Rather than telling you what to do, because you likely already know the fundamentals, the blog is about sharing insights that reveal the how and what is new so that you can take your results to the next level. It’s about helping you get to your results faster.

I have been an industry insider so I understand how to quickly transform bodies to become leaner, more muscular, even faster. I will share the latest techniques to win along with thought models to make analyzing your options easier and faster. You would be surprised, even people who have a great depth of nutritional knowledge often find themselves in a place where they need to lose weight fast. But the reason why many struggle may be a surprise to you.

Let’s take a quick look at a typical scenario. People get busy. Things are great and then one day they feel that their body fat is higher than it should be. Not a big deal, easy to fix. So they they kick things up a bit – start eating better, working out consistently three times a week. But the weight does not come off fast – they still do not look or feel like someone who eats better and works out regularly. What’s the problem – what is the gap that needs to be solved?

So they are not getting the results they should be getting. Taking action but not seeing results. This gap between the action they are taking and the weight loss results they want is important. The reason that there is this gap is because their response to the challenge was improvisational. They are trying a few things that they used to do and likely a few things they have learned lately. This improvisational approach is commendable, but it’s the problem. .

To lose weight fast move from making up your weight loss plan as you go, to being strategic and disciplined. When you need to lose weight fast, an improvisational response is not good enough. Like the leader of an army unit, you must have a strategic plan to quickly win with certainty. It’s all about a few calculated moves that make a big difference. Be clear about your objective to lose weight fast, determine where to aim, take a few calculated shots, and win. Easy, less time, and you can move on to more enjoyable things.

The posts on this weight loss blog will help you use gap analysis to understand where you can make small changes to receive large results.

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